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“The Luckiest Man Alive” says his huge winnings have nothing to do with luck!


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Joe Morris

Watched it. Tried it. I really like my new Mercedes!

Nathan Wright

The bloody thing actually works! I was so suspicious about it I can’t find the right words to explain. I tried it and now I must admit I was wrong.

Jake Harris

I watched the video and just tried it for the first time. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

Nick Cartwright is not an ordinary man. Many consider him the luckiest man alive as he managed to win the lotto no less than 9 times in the past 5 years!

His life changed completely during that time. He used to live in a small apartment after his wife divorced him, and have a regular job in an accountant office. Nowadays, he lives in a gorgeous villa in the suburbs, has a brand new BMW, and does only things he likes!

Photo taken with permission from Nick C. Feb., 5th 2018

We managed to get an interview with him and ask him a few questions to which we’ve got completely unexpected answers! Here is a small excerpt from that interview:

Q: Nick, many people consider you the luckiest man alive. How do you feel about that?
A: It has nothing to do with luck, trust me. You can get lucky once. Maybe even twice. But being lucky 9 times in 5 years and making enough money to live your entire life in plenty has nothing to do with luck.

Q: What you are saying is that you actually have a method which allowed you to win so much money? Could you please explain it in a bit more detail?
A: Of course! You see, I am an accountant. I became an accountant because I always loved math and I was always good with numbers.

During the years I spent working my regular job, I found out that the numbers actually never act chaotically. There is always some order behind them.

Then I started exploring that field and came up with several conclusions which I wanted to try out in real life situation. Playing lotto seemed to be just an ideal test to prove my theory. As you may see, 9 times I nailed it spot on!

Photo taken with permission from Nick C. Feb., 5th 2018

Q: Is there any chance to share your method with other people?
A: I was never a selfish man, and I really don’t need anything more than I already have. I doubt I would be able to spend it all even if I lived for 100 years.

I already tried to share my method. I made a video and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. For some reason, they kept erasing it. I guess the Lotto Commission were aware of a success rate and they removed it over and again on the grounds of copyright infringement.

When I saw there is no way to make it publically available via conventional methods, I uploaded the entire thing on a website I started, and now everybody can watch it and learn the always-winning method that made me rich!

I guess they will try to force me to erase it from here as well, but I will give my best to leave it available as long as possible!

Latest Lotto Winners

Anthony J, New York

Nick, I’m just writing this quick note to thank you for changing my life, this month i’ve already hit the lotto three times, for $13,200, $120,182 and $38,492.

Some months aren’t quite as crazy as this, but regardless I’ve been averaging around $22,000 per month and it’s all thanks to your system. I still just can’t believe how easy it is to use.

I’m glad you’re not going to share this with too many people because I think the lottery would go out of business!

Peter W, Berkeley

I can’t believe it, 5 win’s of $5,00 or more over the last three months!!!

If you told me a few months ago that I’d be winning like this, I would have said you were crazy! But your formula is so easy to use and it’s so insanely accurate, now I know that me and my family will be financially set for life.

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Aiden Shaw

This is amazing cant wait to see nexr weeks winnings!!!

Frederick Knight

I gave it a try and didn’t think much of it on the first draw nothing happened but on the second lotto draw I won $2000 :)

Alicia Rogers

Is this for real?

Laura Williamson

I never won anything on the lotto before, but on my first try I won 500 bucks. Thanks Richard

Ethan Duncan

I have had no luck yet but lets wait and see

Connor Miller

@ Alicia Rogers yes its for real just won :) :) :)

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