How a doctor desperate to help his own daughter uncovered the biggest modern-day secret to soothing joints

A doctor desperate to help his daughter uncovers biggest modern-day joint secret

It was more than two decades ago when a man by the name of Dr. Eugene Moore set out to find something... anything... that could stop his daughter's terrible suffering.

She was born with a rare joint condition that was so serious, by her late 20s she was reduced to life in a wheelchair.

Nothing seemed to comfort her agony. And he felt helpless and heartbroken.

So Dr. Moore did what any good father would do. He devoted every waking moment to researching unusual joint conditions and began experimenting with concoctions that might work. Still nothing.

So he worked longer, harder. He scoured scientific reports, studies, even books on old ancient remedies in order to relieve his daughter's aches and restore the mobility she was robbed of.

Dr. Moore knew there had to be a way...
And he would find it.

One particular night as fate would have it, Dr. Moore was reading through another stack of reports, when the pile toppled to the floor. As he went down to pick them up, something caught his eye! The top of one report said "Is collagen the new miracle joint compound?"

This could be the breakthrough he needed...

He frantically scanned the study, which showed some very intriguing results. Desperate for answers, he decided to start trying collagen on his daughter, and to their surprise, initial effects were powerful... remarkable even!

Through a little trial and error, Dr. Moore eventually found that if he cooked the collagen, it instantly became useless. So he developed a recipe for a native or undenatured form of the cartilage that was most effective for delivering powerful, amazing relief, as well as better mobility and flexibility.

What he probably didn't realize at the time, is that this extraordinary discovery would have a HUGE impact on joint sufferers everywhere. It meant that glucosamine was no longer the only option to help alleviate soreness and discomfort.

In fact, Dr. Moore's miracle ingredient worked even better! A clinical study shows a patented form of undenatured collagen called UC-II® went toe to toe with glucosamine plus chondroitin and was twice as powerful and effective for joints.

Thanks to all his hard work, doctors nowadays know collagen helps joints.

One doctor in particular wanted to take this decades-old breakthrough and pick up where Dr. Moore left off-to build the ultimate joint relief formula.

Dr. David Katz, Director and Co-Founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, used the abundance of prior research to determine the exact amounts of UC-II collagen to start with.

Now that he had power to his formula, he focused on speed of relief. For that Dr. Katz investigated another intriguing component, a new patent-pending form of Boswellia extract called AprèsFlex®.

Studies show that subjects with achy knees WERE SHOCKED by how fast AprèsFlex works - significant relief was reported in 1 week!

The clinical amounts used in these studies are now available in 1 small capsule a day.

Dr. Katz took the clinical-grade amounts used in these studies and packed them all into a small capsule that can be taken once daily. He truly believes there's nothing else like it.

By now you might be wondering where you can find this savior for sufferers. Well, it's called Instaflex Advanced, and it's a lot easier to get than you might think.

Although it's carried at some of the biggest retailers nationwide, this is your only chance to try a complimentary 14-day sample of this amazing product.

Your joints might not feel flexible right now, but when you try Instaflex Advanced...

Marcia H.

I am very impressed with the product and I have told several people about it. I have been using a cane for a couple of years. This past Saturday, I did not need it all the time. I am still using with steps. I am anxious to see more improvement as I continue to use Instaflex Advanced.

Virginia B.

My knees haven't hurt since I've had it into my system. I have tried everything that comes along for them. This seems to be doing the job. Now to get rid of the stiffness since I wasn't doing a lot of walking my legs got stiff but we are working it out. Thanks