Thu, Jul 20, 2017

Type 2 Diabetics getting off sickening Metformin

July 20, 2017

Dr Marlene

"It's making me sick. I can't take it. This drug is awful.”

Those are real-life complaints from patients using Metformin to control blood sugar. Some doctors are starting to listen. And one has a solution.

"Conventionally-trained doctors love Metformin because it's easy to get results," says Dr. Marlene Merritt (DOM, LAc, MS Nutr). "Easy for them, but brutal for patients."

According to Dr. Merritt, Metformin made a splash when it came out because it could do three things: Lesson glucose released by the liver; increase muscle cell sensitivity to insulin; and delay glucose absorption in the intestines.

"That sounds fantastic in a brochure," she says. "But in your body those three actions create devastating reactions -- Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, fever, lower back pain, painful urination, blurred vision. And long-term use may increase the risk for Alzheimer's."

Now, there's an alternative.

Dr. Merritt herself suffered from high blood sugar. That's what motivated her to find a natural, drug-free solution. And after many months of research, trial, and error, she lit upon a simple diet and exercise regimen that resets cells to burn sugar as they should.

"It's not like anything else out there," she says. "And at my Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas we're getting great results."

One patient with blood sugar well over 200, saw it drop 120 points in just three days. Another patient says, "I have lost 10 pounds and my A1C has dropped to an all-time low of 5.8."

To get her natural solution out to as many diabetics and pre-diabetics as possible, she has partnered with independent publisher, Primal Health, in the making of an online video.

Watch the shocking presentation:

Watch The Video >>

So, what does the medical establishment say about Dr. Merritt's breakthrough solution that could soon replace Type 2 Diabetes drugs?

Progressive doctors are enthusiastically embracing it. But older, more conservative doctors have been mum on the subject, preferring to stick with the old drugs.

But patients who are getting sick on Metformin and other harsh Type 2 Diabetes drugs may have the last word on this one.

Dr. Merritt does caution viewers to only go off medications with the approval from their doctors.

Watch the presentation here >>

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